10” Rough Rider Series - F Around And Find Out - Bone - D2 Steel - Horizontal & Vertical Carry - CUS05

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10" total length. 5" handle & 5" steel.

F Around And Find Out Camel Bone

The artwork on all of the Rough Rider Signature Series is lasered onto the steel. It is not an enamel or coating that will wear or chip off easily.

The color of the etching varies on each knife, this is not  a mass production process. We make every rough Rider one at a time and they will differ slightly.

D2 steel is a semi-stainless, high carbon, high chromium steel with extremely high wear resisting properties. D2 wears very well, doesn’t abrade or scratch easily. D2 is high quality, very popular steel. The natural design made with the materials used in this handle cannot be duplicated.

Each product comes with your choice of a left or right handed belt sheath that can be worn vertically or horizontally. Make sure to take a look at the pictures to see which way is most convenient a carry.

If you have any questions, please call or text (321) 271-5134 (7 Days a week, 9-5 EST). If you contact us after hours, please note your text or call will be returned the following day.

Order online or over the phone using the same number and times listed above.

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