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The best collection of bad ass skull jewelry, biker jewelry and stainless steel jewelry in America. A wide variety of men’s and women’s necklaces, skull rings, bad ass bracelets, biker pendants and chains.


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For those of you still uncomfortable ordering online, call us!

We will take your order over the phone the old fashioned way.

Call or text us: 321-271-5134

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Shipping Address: Sanity Jewelry PO Box 500635 Malabar, FL 32950

Store address: 5185 S US Highway 1,  Grant, Florida 32949

Sanity's promise

Our promise is simple, we offer old school service and super high quality stainless steel jewelry at great prices...

 We don't sell that cheap shit "I bought on E-Bay". We are a high class group of people, with many unique contemporary designs we created ourselves. We don't buy any product pre-made in China waiting on a shelf somewhere, every piece of our jewelry is made, 1 piece at a time.

Anything else is just bullshit smoke and mirrors.

We are bikers, we don't sell jewelry we won't wear, and we won't wear cheap crap, period!

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