Daytona - Gold & Black - CVO - 1 inch wide

Sale price$65.99


Experience the bold statement of this beautiful and powerful 1-inch wide necklace by Daytona CVO. Crafted from heavy, durable stainless steel and featuring striking shades of gold and black, this piece will be sure to draw admiration and attention. Wear it and make a statement!

We make 4 widths and multiple color options of our Signature Daytona Necklace (also available as a matching wallet chain).
Daytona CVO is the thickest necklace in the Daytona collection
This is it- over 1 inch square and weighs almost a pound. This is a bad boy necklace for the dude that loves big, bad to the bone jewelry. Read that again, it is big, and heavy!

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