John Dillinger - "We The People" Camel Bone - Horizontal & Vertical Carry - 11 inches - JDE02

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John Dillinger "We The People" Is Back
This John Dillinger Has and Eagle engraved on one side and "We The People" on the other side of the Camel Bone handle


The John Dillinger is one of our most unique products. Featuring We The People on one side and a sharp and intricate eagle design on the other side of the handle with a finger hole for easy hold, it shows some of the most amazing file details. It also features a Damascus bolster that can be worn either horizontal or vertical. It is comprised of equal parts 15N20 and 1095 high carbon metal that showcases a just as intricate design on the steel itself. You will not be disappointed with this one of a kind piece that is bound to make you stand out.

Each design is 100% unique, genuine, and handmade Damascus steel that is made to order. Duplication of the Damascus steel and handle is not possible, therefore allowing your Damascus to be a one of a kind.

American Owned and Operated.

11" total length(5" handle, 6" steel). 512 Layers.

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