John Dillinger - Camel Bone - Horizontal & Vertical Carry - 11 inches - JDE09

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John Dillinger was an American Gangster during The Great Depression. He led the Dillinger Gang, which was accused of robbing 24 Banks and 4 Police Stations.


Each product comes with choice of left or right belt holder. Make sure you look at the pictures to see which way is the most convenient way to carry.

Motorcycle Holder available for an additional charge.


This beautiful Damascus is made with 512 equal layers of 1095 and 15N20 making each product unique.


The natural Camel Bone used in this handle can't be duplicated.


If you have any questions call or text 321-271-5134 7 days a week 9-5 PM EST (Florida Time) if you text after hours they will text you back the next day.


Phone orders are also available, use the same number and time as above.

11" total (6" steel 5" handle). 512 Layers


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