Daytona - Silver - Heritage - 1/2 inch wide

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Experience the power and strength of Daytona with this exquisite necklace made from thick, heavy-duty stainless steel. You’ll be inspired by its half-inch width, symbolic of the rich heritage this beautiful beach town has to offer. Do you have what it takes to wear Daytona's history around your neck?
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Daytona Heritage - Polished
The Heritage is the second widest chain in The Daytona Collection. SELECT YOUR
The second thickest necklace pictured below. Almost a 1/2 inch wide, this is the second largest Daytona Necklace we sell. It weighs over 8oz, and is a great size for guys who like to wear necklaces. It is not huge but you will know you have it on!
The 4 Daytona Beach widths. (The "Deluxe" 1/4", The "Heritage" 1/2", The "Road King" 3/4" The "CVO" 1")

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