Daytona - Silver & Black - Road King - 3/4 inch wide

Sale price$60.99


Are you ready to rule the highways? The Daytona Road King Necklace puts power and authority into your hands. Crafted with sleek stainless steel and featuring a three-quarter inch wide striking silver and black look, you'll be ready to take on any challenge with confidence and style. So crown yourself king of your domain - this necklace is your ticket to the throne.
We make 4 widths and different color options of our Signature Daytona Necklace (also available as a matching wallet chain).
Daytona Beach Road King -
The thickest necklace pictured below
This is it- over 3/4 inch square and weighs almost a pound. This is a bad boy necklace for the dude that loves big, bad to the bone jewelry. Read that again, it is big, and heavy!

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