Chain Gang "Easy Biker" Wallet Chain - CGW20

Sale price$89.99


Tackle the open road with confidence and style with the Chain Gang "Easy Biker" Wallet Chain. Crafted from stainless steel, its skull links create a hardcore vibe and will keep your wallet secure no matter how tough the ride. Take the challenge and make a statement - get the Chain Gang "Easy Biker" Wallet Chain now.

If you need a custom length made call us at 321-271-5134, we can make it happen!

 Each link is individually hand crafted with the coolest skulls ever gathered in one place. Solid Stainless Steel. Each link is about 1/2 inch wide. Choice of stainless steel clasp, Classic or Scream. 
Our Wallet Chains are all Solid Stainless Steel and will never rust or tarnish!
Wallet not included, you probably already have 2-3!

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