What Is a Guardian Bell? What Do Guardian Bells for Motorcycles Mean?

A guardian bell, also known as a gremlin bell, angel bell, spirit bell, motorcycle bell, or biker bell, is a small charm that has been around for centuries and is traditionally believed to bring good luck, keep away evil spirits, and protect the wearer. Guardian bells and gremlin bells are usually made of brass or chrome and feature a decorative clapper that produces a loud and constant ringing sound when moved. These little bells are now believed to bring luck, happiness, and protection to riders of motorcycles, cars, scooters, and other vehicles.

Legend Of The Guardian Bells: How Do Guardian Bells Work?

Several different theories exist on where guardian bells, spirit bells, and gremlin bells originate from, but regardless of which theory you believe a guardian bell is still treated as a good luck charm that can protect you from evil spirits.

Theory #1: Religion In The Middle Ages

One of the most popular theories is that their origin dates back to the Middle Ages when they were used as a way to ward off evil spirits during funeral services. Churches would ring commemorative bells to protect the dead person from harmful spirits during their trip to the afterlife. This theory is supported by the Catholic Church, which states that the bell's power would scare away evil spirits and protect both the dead and those attending their funeral.

Theory #2: Superstition & Mythology in Greece

Another popular theory is that they are derived from a mixture of superstition and mythology, with stories dating back to ancient Greece in which small bells were used to confirm the existence of gremlins and other mythical entities.

Theory #3: Royal Air Force Pilots in World War II

Another theory is that the bells were brought to the United States by Royal Air Force pilots during World War II. Many pilots believed that evil spirits were sabotaging their aircraft and began carrying small bells and charms to ward off the spirits and protect them as they flew through dangerous skies. They would hang a small bell from their aircraft’s control stick to ward off these evil spirits.

Theory #4: Old Biker's Trip From Mexico

Guardian/Gremlin Bell - American Flag Skull

One of the most widely accepted theories, however, is that the tradition of Guardian Bells originated from an old biker's trip from Mexico in 1965. According to legend, the biker was enjoying a ride through the desert on a cold winter night when chaos struck, and the biker crashed his bike. After the crash, he was unable to move and found himself surrounded by road gremlins.

The old biker began digging through his saddlebag and throwing everything he could at the gremlins until he was running low on objects to throw. As a last resort, he grabbed a small memorial bell and threw it in the direction of the gremlins. To his surprise, the bell's clapper began ringing, scaring away the gremlins and allowing him to escape.

The biker was so grateful that he gave his bell to a local church and eventually shared his story with other riders who then began passing out their own Guardian Bells as a way of keeping away the evil spirits and protecting themselves while on the road.

The History of Guardian Bells & Motorcycle Riders

Guardian/Gremlin Bell - Vet
Guardian bells, angel bells, and gremlin bells were originally seen as good luck charms and used to ward off evil road spirits that were thought to cause mechanical breakdowns on motorcycles. It is said that by attaching a guardian bell or gremlin bell to your bike, or key ring, that these road spirits will be scared away from you and you'll be protected on your journey.

Nowadays, these spirit bells and motorcycle bells are often seen as a symbol of protection for road riders and their machines, and they also serve as an expression of individual style and personality. These bells are frequently hung from the handlebars or mirrors of motorcycles, where they remain in motion while riding, ringing out continuously and scaring away any evil spirits or gremlins that may be lurking nearby. Most motorcycle riders attach their guardian bell to their motorcycle, and some even have multiple bells for different occasions.

As the saying goes, “Ring in your guardian bell and let it jingle-jangle all the way!” So keep your Guardian Bells in motion while riding and you can rest easy knowing that you are always protected on the open road.

Where Can You Buy Guardian Bells?

Guardian/Gremlin Bell - Eagle
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Frequently Asked Questions About Guardian Bells

What are Guardian Bells for?

A guardian bell is a small protective charm that has been around for centuries and is believed to bring good luck, keep away evil spirits, and protect the wearer. They are most often used by motorcycle riders as a symbol of protection on their journey.

Do Guardian Bells really work?

Although there isn't scientific evidence that guardian bells provide real protection or ward off evil spirits, many people still choose to hang them as a reminder to stay safe from motorcycle accidents while riding.

Who can give a guardian bell?

Anyone can give a guardian bell as a symbol of protection to someone they care about. They are often given as gifts by friends and family, or simply given as a reminder for safe travels.

Where do you put a guardian bell?

You can hang your guardian bell or motorcycle bell from any part of your motorcycle, such as the handlebars, mirrors, grips, or even your keychain. Just make sure that it is in motion while riding to activate the alleged magical powers!

How many guardian bells can you have?

You can have as many guardian bells or motorcycle bells as you'd like! Some people prefer to have a variety of bells on their bikes for different occasions, and some simply have one that stays in motion while they ride. It's up to you!

What is the difference between a guardian bell and a gremlin bell?

A guardian bell is just another name for a gremlin bell, spirit bell, angel bell, or motorcycle bell. They are traditionally used as protective charms for motorcycle riders and are believed to ward off evil spirits. The only difference between the two is the name they have been given over time.

No matter what it's called, you can be sure that your guardian bell will bring luck and protection to you and your bike on your journey!

What does a bell on a motorcycle signify?

A guardian bell hanging from a motorcycle symbolizes protection and good luck for the rider. It is believed that the ringing of the bell will ward off any evil spirits or gremlins that may be nearby, ensuring a safe and worry-free ride.

Why do guys put bells on their motorcycles?

A motorcycle rider may put a guardian bell on his bike for many reasons. It could be to bring good luck, ward off any evil spirits that might be nearby, or even just as an expression of individual style and personality. Whatever the reason, these ride bells are said to bring good luck on any journey.

What is the meaning of the angel bell?

Also known as spirit bells, gremlin bells, or guardian bells, these little bells can be given to someone as a sign of protection and good luck for their journey. The tradition has been around for centuries and the meaning behind the bell is not only for protection but also to keep away any spirits or gremlins that may be lurking nearby.

Are you supposed to buy your own Gremlin Bell?

According to tradition, it is believed that the best way to acquire a gremlin bell for your motorcycle is to receive one as a gift from someone you know. It is said that by doing this, you will bring luck and protection with you on your journey. However, if you can't find anyone to give you a gremlin bell, you can also purchase one online, and it's not considered to be bad luck to get your own bell.

Where do you hang a guardian bell?

The best place to put your guardian bell is on your motorcycle. You can hang it from any part of your bike, such as the handlebars, mirrors, grips, or even your keychain.