"Sanity's Combo" - Heads or Tails Pendant - Necklace (734)

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   You can buy the pendant by itself, or with a chain as a combination.
Click on the box that says pick a size, select pendant only or pick the chain and length you want it with.

Flip a coin with Sanity's Combo and get the best of both worlds! This stainless steel pendant and necklace is the perfect way to show off your love of both sides of the coin. Featuring a skull for heads, and a tails for, well, tails - you'll never have to pick a side again! (Aka, no more coin toss anxiety!)

 This badass pendant is 2” tall and 2” wide! This super strong, box link design called a Byzantine Chain never “kinks” and looks amazing! 

Stainless steel is hypoallergenic, so it won't rust, tarnish, or cause any sort of discoloration. 

Pick your preferred length of necklace to match the Heads or Tails pendant with to make the perfect Combo!

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