Angelo The Hook - Stag Antler - Horizontal & Vertical Carry - 9 inches - AH01

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Angelo The Hook features a 1" Gut Hook and a Finger Hole for precise control.

The handle feature various shades of tan, black, and browns to create a stag antler appearance. 

Each design is 100% unique, genuine, and handmade Damascus steel that is made to order. Duplication of the Damascus steel and handle is not possible, therefore allowing your Damascus to be a one of a kind.

If you have any questions please call or text 321-271-5134 7 Days a week, 9-5 EST (Florida time) If you text after hours they will return the text the next day.
Phone orders are also available, use the same number and times as above.9.0" total length (4.5" handle, 4.5" steel)

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